JINNI PIPE pre-order reopened! $99!

Jinni Pipe Pre-Order REOPENED!

Jinni Pipe Pre-Order REOPENED!

We're happy to be able to grant some of your wishes! 

Yes Yes Yes, the Jinni Pipe pre-order is reopened! At $99 we're practically giving it away. 

Give the best thing since sliced bread for Christmas 2019!

Because the Jinni's so hot right now... pre-orders are for a limited time & limited quantity. 

Give it to me! (buy)


The Classic Infinity Waterfall

The Classic Infinity Waterfall

The invertible gravity water-pipe. 

flip.   rip.   repeat.

Beautiful - Hard Hitting - EZ to Use

Order yours $199!
Mini infinity!

Mini infinity!

It's finally here!

Everything you love about the infinity in a compact size! 

Order yours today!

The Cutest piece in your collection. 

And yes, it still RIPS!

Order NOW $89! (Sale)


The Infinity Waterfall was invented by a few entrepreneurs from New Jersey and New York who enjoyed the huge hits that waterfalls and gravity pipes provided but hated the mess. We wanted to take the concept of waterfalls to the next level. We arrived at an hourglass design so you don’t have to fuss with draining and refilling all the time. Also, no one likes the taste of burnt plastic…

Patent Pending

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Buy Infinity Waterfall (Classic XL) - with Bamboo holder



Buy mini infinity



Buy The Infinity Waterfall - Full Set with Hard Case



When will the Orders be shipped?

 We have stock at the moment, so your order will ship the next business day. 

How easy is it to clean?

Drain the water, add a little rubbing alcohol or your favorite glass cleaning solution (We like acetone), shake and rinse. Pretty easy.

Will you ship internationally?


What about wholesale?

For larger orders please contact our team at info@theinfinitywaterfall.com