The Infinity Waterfall - Full Set with Hard Case & Bamboo holder ***NO GRINDER*** (Limited)

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The Infinity Waterfall (Full set w/ Hard Case)

The Original with it's case is back for a short time. This is a collectors edition, as we will NOT be reproducing these cases, Nor the ClassicXL infinity.

We have <30 of these cases 

***Unfortunately, we don't have any grinders left but if you wanted to prepare a grinder for your case. The dimensions of the grinder should be: 55mm in diameter & 40mm in height***

All orders come with:

  • The Infinity Waterfall - Hourglass and 2 Feet 
  • 1 Custom Infinity Waterfall hard case
  • 1 Short aesthetic down-stem 
  • 1 Filtration down-stem
  • 1 Upright Bamboo stem holder


  • Height: 15in (38cm) Glass body w/ bases attached
  • Holds: ~500ml (per side)
  • Joints: 18mm Standard Glass joints

 Patent pending


Must be 21+ years old to order. For tobacco use only. 

You may cancel your order at any-time prior to the shipment of your order. 

Contact Us at anytime. 

Thank you, 

The Waterfall Team