A gravity pipe that has a solution to all the mess. Just Flip it to Rip it again!
Need something unique in your store? What about this hourglass gravity water-pipe?
Technically, it’s an invertible gravity water-pipe
We all remember making a mess creating our own contraptions out of plastic bottles, buckets, wrench sockets etc... Well, this company took everything we loved about gravity hits and made it an enjoyable smoking experience. The infinity waterfallTM is a gravity water-pipe that’s easy to use, potent as hell and sits on your counter top beautifully.
How it works: The unique hour-glass design and patent pending technique allows the user to re-medicate by flipping the glass and reusing the water. When the water flows down from the top chamber to the bottom (using gravity), it creates suction to displace the water with dense smoke.
1. Fill it (once) 2. Flip it 3. Rip it – Repeat the flipping & ripping. 
Traditional “Waterfall”: Traditionally, the waterfall is made by creating a small hole at the bottom of a plastic bottle and attaching a wrench socket to the cap and lighting the material in the socket, while letting the water “fall” out of the bottle. We took this concept and literally flipped it on its head.
Our products: Every infinity comes with an Hourglass body, glass bases (x2), a short stem bowl (smoke aesthetics), and a long stem bowl (water filtration). The classic infinity ($229 MSRP) holds 500ml on one side (which is the average lung capacity for a human being), 16in tall and a great center piece. The classic also has an option for a hard case that comes with a bamboo bowl holder and an aluminum grinder. The mini infinity ($99 MSRP) holds 100ml on one side, 8in tall and is super EZ to carry around.
Cleaning: Because the infinity is self-enclosed, it’s easy to clean. Replace the water with your favorite water-pipe cleaner, shake, wait a couple of minutes, and rinse.
Economic: Gravity pipes serve as a good way to save money on your material. By collecting all the smoke in the chamber, preventing any loss of smoke.
Potent: Inhaling a dose of concentrated smoke in a single breath creates a deeper, cleaner, longer lasting experience. Though, if you’re not careful, you’ll wake up to your friends knocked out on the floor of a hotel room, dressed up to go somewhere, but its 4am.
Who we are: Invented by and run by guys from New Jersey & New York who love gravity pipes.